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PixFlex is a leading Dallas Web Design firm serving the most discerning and distinguished SMB clients across the United States.

PixFlex designs clean and beautiful websites, from desktop to mobile. PixFlex also works with changemakers to create innovative solutions for their most pressing problems. With two decades of service excellence, PixFlex continues to work with reputable clients ranging from a local flower shop — our very first client — to many multi billion dollar corporations.

As a capable and reliable web partner, our core expertise is integrating the marketing savvy of advertising agencies with the technical expertise of IT consultancies, to meet the high demands of today businesses.


We focus on proven and effective solutions. We innovate where there's potential to change human experience.


We believe form follows function, UI follows UX, and first impression follows long-term brand vision.


Our developers give credit to soft drinks and pizza. Our clients think they are just extraordinary innovators.


You don't always need our help, but when you do, we are available to help.


Together, we can better that which can be better, which is everything.

More than a
PixFlex's goal is to work as your trusted partner.
Focus on things that
Your bottom line. Your end goal. Your clients... What matters to you matters to us.
Portfolio. Different. Memorable.

Experienced. Involved. Dedicated.

If you are looking for an experienced web design firm, one that is very involved and dedicated to your success, please contact us.

No matter what stage of the business life cycle you're in, we've got the right skill to give you a different — and better — web project experience.

"Yes, we've been there. Yes, we've done that. And yes, still, we continue to challenge ourselves and innovate for our clients. That will never stop."

Timothy Nguyen, Director


Whether you are interested in high-end web design or web application development, our services are at your fingertips.